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I decided to dedicate this blog to my… other blogs. It seems that I have quite some feeds I pollute the web with. Why not write about why this is, where it comes from, what problems there are having many blogs and how to handle them?

Pretty good idea, let’s start. Here’s a list of my blogs (or closely resembling them):

  • personal Blog at Blogger
    this blog was meant to be personal… it keeps getting back to running. Might move to jogmap:
  • here is my running blog
  • deep frying blog
    well, I like to deep fry turkeys.
  • my bands Podcast
    my amateur band is recording a podcast once in a while… „live“, no overdubs.
  • actually, my band’s homepage is something like a blog
    we’re thinking about moving this to a wordpress blog so it’seasier to maintain (and have RSS)
  • my Twitter
    Microblogging. Got addicted to it when some colleagues twittered from my last deep frying event.
  • my blog at my company: CoCo
    While we’re still in discussion about whether this actually IS a blog, you can have my entries and comments as an RSS feed… and I am part of the development of this blog, so I’m really stuck with this one
  • Actually, I have another one. It’s at and is about my quest to become a knight. Awkward, and I always wanted to hide it from people actually knowing me, but it’s a fun blog, so I thought I might mention it.
  • and last not least there’s this one you’re currently looking at.
    I wanted an account at wordpress to get an Akismet key to test with, and I got the blog to learn about WordPress. Seems like I got a topic for this one at last.

So, what do you think? Is this all rubbish? Should I stop having that many different blogs?


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  1. 1

    Björn said,

    From a cliché women’s point I heard from in the media. I would say: „Every man needs his hobbies!“ From my nerd point of view: „Keep it coming!“

  2. 2

    […] please consider this link to a not so relevant blog of my own rather as a test than as real promotion 😉 interoperability coco blogosphere […]

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